38+ Fun and Easy DIY Tent Ideas & Projects For Your Kids (Indoor & Outdoor)

Camping is always fun. The most important item you need for camping is a tent. But sometimes, going out to camp can be difficult. The weather can betray you, or maybe your camping gear will betray you. Nonetheless, it can be really heartbreaking, especially for a kid.

Here are some wonderful ideas for kids, that’ll help them cope with that disappointment, by camping inside their homes. You won’t be needing too many articles to build these simple yet fun DIY tents, yet, the fun, will still remain the same.


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20 Fun DIY tents for kids

1. Curtain tent

You can easily build a tent for yourself using the curtains of your room and some holding tent logs. They look cozy for indoor camping days.


2. Mattress tents

You can build a tent for yourself inside your home using DIY articles like your mattress. All you need for that is a mattress and some holding sticks.

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3. Plastic cover tent

All you need to make this tent is a large, colorful plastic cover and some sticks to build the tent. You just need to stick them together using an adhesive in the shape of a teepee and you’re done.

4. Bed cover tent

For this tent, all you’ll be needing is your bedsheet. You just need to get your bedsheet, some holding sticks or hanging hooks, along with some pillows to make your stay comfortable.


5. Tent made from old clothes

You can also build DIY tents for yourself with your old clothes. They too, are quite easy to make. You can get some of your old clothes, long enough and build them into tents.

6. Waterproof tents

You can also make DIY tents for yourself with the help of waterproof materials. They are easily available, and you can also buy these online.

7. Tent from nets

Lace nets are a thing. You can get lace nets online or even in some markets, and you will need some holding sticks to build this tent. Easy to make and extremely pretty to look at, so it’s a complete win-win.

8. Hanging tents

You can build hanging tents as well. You can take some cloth, which is the main material for the tent and hang it from something up on the ceiling. Make sure the cloth is long enough and that it is not dangerous for you.


9. Foldable tent

Remember the large umbrellas that are used for garden parties? If you happen to have an old, useless one at your home, you can just take out the cloth from the umbrella and build your own tent. Or you can buy umbrella shaped tents online too.

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10. Quarter open tents

These tents are the easiest to make. You just need a hanger, which will work best if it is shaped like a circle, and hang the cloth from it. Make sure that the cloth is half or more open at one end, and place a comfortable mattress underneath for safe seating. These tents are best for outside events.


11. Barbie themed tents

Girls love barbies! You can build a tent for your kid themed like a barbie with pink outlines and barbie stickers.


12. Superhero themed tents

Kinds also love superheroes. You can take your pick from a wide range of superheroes, from Marvel or DC and build a tent with superhero stickers and themes.


13. Fortified tents

You can also build tents for your kids shaped like a fort. That will definitely make your kids feel like princes or princesses.


14. Disney themed tents

If your kids love Disney stories, you can build a tent themed like one. You will just need a few stickers, and some merchandise.


15. Fairy lights

You can also incorporate some pretty fairy lights into a white tent. This will add a lot more beauty onto it, and it will shimmer a lot, to your kid’s pleasure.


16. Artistic tents

To make an artistic tent, all you would need is some colored tent sheets and some sticks to hold them up. You can also use drawings made by your kid, to add in some more art, cause, why not?

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17. Flowery tents

You can get some pretty flowery sheets and turn them into tents outside. This will add a pretty, natural effect to the tent for your kid.


18. Animal themed tents

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