42+ Outstanding DIY Wood Home Decor Ideas & Projects For 2020

Home decorations are necessary to make your home look more beautiful than what it did. Home decorations are generally present in every decent home, and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and forms.

You can get them in plastic, wood, foam, glass and so many other forms, and they all are unique in their very own ways. Their purpose is the same, but their designs vary from one to another. Here are 42 amazing DIY wood home decorations guaranteed to make your house look way prettier than what it did before.

1. Wooden hooks

Wooden hooks

You can easily create some wooden hooks using a large, tube like piece of wood. You just have to paint it, and give it a rustic color, and you’re done.

2. Wooden clocks

Wooden clocks

Wooden clocks are some of the most common DIY items found in homes. For this, all you would need is a circular piece of wood, and then you can paint the numbers on it yourself. You can add in two dials and you’re done.

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3. Wall box shelves

Wall box shelves

you can find these decorations in a number of classrooms. These are small shelves made entirely out of wooden boxes. You can stack them on top of another and fix them on a wall.


4. Floral wood panels

You can also build some really beautiful, and big, floral wood panels. You can carve the wood into beautiful designs yourself, or you can color them after buying them from the market.


5. Wooden love mantels

Wooden love mantels

Wood DIY structures can be heartfelt bearers of love. You can take a rectangular piece of wood, and paint it with some light colors. You can also write some amazing love notes on top of that, and you’re done.


6. Wooden hanging photo frames

Wooden hanging photo frames

You can also build some wooden hanging photo frames. You just have to build the photo frames yourself, and then hang it on the walls. Don’t forget to add some pretty pictures in them.


7. Wooden poster frames

Wooden poster frames

This is another common household article that you can build from wood. You can simply build a wooden poster frame, and stick a pretty poster in between. This is easy to make and looks amazing on walls.


8. World map

World map

You can also make a world map using wood. If you have a world map in your home, you can also place it between the wooden frames and hang it on the walls.


9. Stylish wooden panels with messages

Stylish wooden panels with messages

You can also take a simple wooden panel and paint it with bright colors, and then write an important message on top. This can serve as a wooden panel you keep in your house as an awesome home décor option.

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10. Wooden arrows

Wooden arrows

Wood can also be used to make large signs like arrows for your home. These can be used for direction, or just as a unique wall hanging.


11. Wooden table tops

Wooden table tops

These too, are quite easy to make. You just have to take round, small pieces of wood, and write something on them. Paint them, so that they look pretty and you’re done.

Source: Beckham and Belle

12. Wooden stars

Wooden stars

You can also build some medium-sized wooden stars for your walls. They really look pretty, and can light up a vacant wall better than an actual light.


13. Wooden light hangers

Wooden light hangers

You can also hang some pretty lights from bars that act as wooden hangers. You can put them up on the ceiling, and let the shimmering lights drop. It will add a beautiful appeal to your room.

14. Wooden shelves

Wooden shelves

You can design your own version of shelves using wood. You can make normal shelves and add some extra features, maybe, like a tree climbing from between. This can add to the uniqueness to your shelves.


15. Wooden candle holders

Wooden candle holders

You can also build candle holders using wood, that look like slim drawers. You can also add in some small plants and bushes to enhance the effect.

16. Wooden bookshelves

Wooden bookshelves

You can also build some unique wooden bookshelves for your books. Make sure to use stylish design and don’t be afraid to go out of the box.

17. Plant holders

Plant holders

You can use wood to build plant holders in your garden. You can hang them up on the walls, or you can nail them in the center. Add some small but pretty plants to garnish the design.


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