20 Built-in Bunk Bed Ideas and Designs For Kids From A Fairy Tales (2020)


15. The old, English cottage appeal

The old, English cottage appeal

This look like something straight out of an English cottage, deep within the woods. They look comfy, with a homely feeling, something children will really love.

16. The brown, white and blue combo

The brown, white and blue combo

This is another wonderful build-in-bed color combo that you can try out. The colors are bright and contrasting, and will give an elegant look to the bed.

17. The four bed scheme

The four bed scheme

You can build four beds in one place, and four bunk-beds attached together simply looks harmonious and cozy. You can choose whichever color scheme that you like, along with the decorations that you think would fit.


18. Living room bunk-in beds

Living room bunk-in beds

You can also add some bunk-in beds in your living room, if you want your children to sleep close to you. This is slowly becoming more and more popular.

19. Color popping bunk in

Color popping bunk in

You can add a number of colors in this design to make it look more popping and brighter.


20. Themed and mystical

Themed and mystical

You can make a themed bunk-bed for your kids as well, and add in some mystical elements to add more flavor to it.



Bunk beds no matter what, should be fun and cosy places to rest in. Colours and themes come second, but comfort comes first.

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