30+ Wonderful Art and Craft Ideas For Your Toddlers In 2020

DIY is not just limited to teenagers and adults. They are for everyone! What other way to keep your restless toddler busy than indulging them in some craft that would kindle their creativity and have positive impacts on them?

A lot of parents don’t know how to engage their kids in something creative while they go about their daily routine, especially for stay-at-home moms or new mothers who can’t always cope with having to manage their daily routine and also share their attention with their toddler. Here are 30 toddler crafts you can engage those little hands with!

1. Homemade scented dough

Homemade scented dough

There is scented dough that is less toxic and your toddler can keep busy with it.

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2. Handprint fall tree craft

Handprint fall tree craft

Your toddler can use his/her hand to design a fall tree on paper with paint.


3. Torn paper shape collage

Torn paper shape collage

This is a craft any toddler would be interested in because of the color play and how easy it is to achieve.


4. Wooden block prints

Wooden block prints

While you’re trying to focus on a project or task, you can encourage your toddler to enjoy this craft that requires just a piece of paper, wooden blocks, and some paint.


5. DIY stamps

DIY stamps

Try out this fun craft with your kid!

6. Plastic bead suncatcher

Plastic bead suncatcher

This beautiful craft can be achieved by kids aged 4 and above.


7. Negative leaf impression

Negative leaf impression

Pick up some leaves while on a walk for this impressive artsy craft.


8. Homemade chalkboard paint

Homemade chalkboard paint

A simple craft you can make with your little one and hang on their bedroom door or the entrance of their bedroom.


9. Poppy painting

Poppy painting

Give your child a smile like this by letting them indulge in this poppy painting craft.


10. Sand painting creation

Sand painting creation

Try out this sand painting with your toddler and teach them colors in the process.


11. Sticker paint creation

Sticker paint creation

Awww! How adorable is this? This will make your toddler relax and smile a lot!


12. Paper photo frames

Paper photo frames

Do something creative with your kid by trying out these paper picture frames.

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13. Bubble wrap paint print

Bubble wrap paint print

Try out this painting with bubble wrap craft to spark your kid’s creativity.


14. Play binoculars

Play binoculars

You could put good use to that paper towel tubes by attaching them to form binoculars. Of course, these are not real binoculars but they can make for the perfect play binoculars.


15. Fossil cookies

Fossil cookies

Fossil is not to be ingested but these homemade fossil cookies are safe and delicious.


16. Faux stained glass window

Faux stained glass window

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