30+ Wonderful Art and Craft Ideas For Your Toddlers In 2020

Another craft you can try out with your kid to sharpen their creative wit.


17. Cloud dough

Cloud dough

The science behind this craft cannot be explained but it is something that will keep your toddler awed and amused.


18. Rolled golf ball paint craft

Rolled golf ball paint craft

Rolling a golf ball on paint already feels like a game. So your kid can create art and play while you focus on what you have to do.


19. Bubble paint

Bubble paint

Try this recycled bottle bubble paint art with kids to spark off that creativity.


20. Comb-painted rainbows

Comb-painted rainbows

Every kid loves rainbows! And, there are always extra combs lying around the house that you can use for this project. What are you waiting for?!


21. Spray paint craft

Spray paint craft

This is an interesting craft to embark on with your kid and you have to be PRESENT to supervise them.

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22. Edible finger paint

Edible finger paint

This is such an adorable craft that even a baby can take on to keep them busy. If your baby is restless, here is a safe craft they can do on their own.


23. Acorn jewel caps

Acorn jewel caps

This is a super easy craft for your kid to take on.


24. Colorful apple print placemats

Colorful apple print placemats

All you have to do for this cute craft is, cut up apples and use them.


25. Homemade goop

Homemade goop

This homemade ‘oobleck’ is fun to play with and calm your restless kid.


26. Homemade stamps

Homemade stamps

Make good use of those wine corks, bottle caps, and toy blocks by trying out this craft with your toddler.


27. Paper plate sun craft

Paper plate sun craft

This is a helpful craft for little hands as it is not only fun but will help with their motor skills.


28. Painted pasta necklace craft

Painted pasta necklace craft

You’ll need pasta noodles, paint, and string for this lovely craft.


29. Leaf painting craft

Leaf painting craft

Let your kid pick up whatever leaf he/she wants to use and guide them while they try out this craft.


30. Paper cup flowers craft

Paper cup flowers craft

You’ll need small round stones, white paper cups, paint and paper plate for this craft.


Now you see, there’s a way to keep those little hands busy while you focus on work or make a meal or complete a task.

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