12 Of The Best Healthy Dorm Room Snacks All Incoming Freshman Need

7. Seeds

Seeds like pumpkin and sunflower seeds are great sources of protein, and they taste delish! This organic seed mix by Go Raw has about 6 grams of protein per serving, and it’s seasoned with cinnamon- um can you say yum? Along with all the protein you’re getting, seeds are also great for energy, so next time you cram for a big final, reach for the seeds! If you’re a stress eater, this seed mix is a great choice for you. Because pumpkin and sunflower seeds are so small, you get a pretty decent amount of seeds in each serving, so you’ll feel like you’re getting away with something with every serving!

12 Of The Best Healthy Dorm Room Snacks All Incoming Freshman Need

8. Trail Mix

There are so many different options to choose from when it comes to trail mix.  Trail mix almost always contains some kind of nut or granola, which makes it a good option when you’re craving something crunchy. This tropical mix by Prince and Spring contains almonds, cashews, and banana chips so it delivers a wicked crunch with only 4 grams of fat and no cholesterol, making it a far better choice than potato chips. It also tastes like a vacation in your mouth, so next time you’re wishing it was summer, open up a bag of tropical trail mix, one of the best healthy dorm room snacks!

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12 Of The Best Healthy Dorm Room Snacks All Incoming Freshman Need

9. Dark Chocolate Almonds

Nuts are a great source of fiber and they’re low in sodium (as long as you get unsalted) and vitamin E, so they’re a great snack to fill in some of those nutritional gaps that can become a problem in college. These oven-roasted almonds made by Blue Diamond are dusted in dark chocolate made with real cocoa to help you satisfy your craving for chocolate without having to freak out about how many calories you’re consuming, so feel free to indulge!

12 Of The Best Healthy Dorm Room Snacks All Incoming Freshman Need

10. Green Pea Crisps

Once you’ve left home, the freedom to pick and choose what and when you eat is one of the best feelings in the world- until you realize your parents were right all along and fruits and vegetables do play a big role in keeping your energy high and your brain sharp. So, when you’re finally ready to face the facts and you’re looking for a tasty veggie snack you don’t have to cook, we suggest turning to Harvest Snaps. Harvest Snaps are made from dried green peas, and they come in tons of flavors like tomato basil, white cheddar, and even barbecue! Because this snack is virtually made exclusively from vegetables, they’re great for an extra boost in calcium and potassium, which means they help support healthy bones and muscles. Listen to your parents (for once), and make sure you include these veggie snacks on your shopping list of best healthy dorm room snacks!

12 Of The Best Healthy Dorm Room Snacks All Incoming Freshman Need

11. Greek Yogurt

We all know how much it sucks getting up for that 8 am we swore was going to be a good idea when we made out schedules, so it can sometimes be a struggle to make sure we eat breakfast in the morning. Chobani Flips are a super healthy and convenient option for those days we just can’t get up in time to make breakfast. Flips are made with low-fat greek yogurt (which is packed with calcium) and the yogurt comes with a cute little cup of ingredients like graham crackers and chocolate chip bites to add some flavor and texture to your yogurt. With fun flavors like s’mores, key lime pie, and almond coconut, you’ll actually enjoy eating this healthy treat for breakfast or just for a quick snack!

12 Of The Best Healthy Dorm Room Snacks All Incoming Freshman Need

12. Fruit Strips

It can be hard to find cheap and healthy snack options in college that you’ll actually like the taste of, but these Simply Balanced Fruit Strips check all the boxes. Think of them as natural fruit roll-ups. The strips are individually wrapped, so you can bring them to class to help you get through that hour lecture with that one professor who seems to love to hear the sound of his own voice. They’re low in sodium, non-fat, and gluten-free, so you won’t have to feel guilty about eating them, and the eating experience is just as fun as the flavors these strips come in. The leathery texture of the fruit creates a chewy, stretchy strip that is quite frankly, super entertaining. Yeah, yeah you shouldn’t play with your food and all that nonsense. But hey, you’re a college student! You can play with your food if you want to, darn it!

12 Of The Best Healthy Dorm Room Snacks All Incoming Freshman Need

What did you think of our list of best healthy dorm room snacks? Let us know in the comments!

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