30+ Beautiful Sunny Yellow Bathroom Ideas & Designs For 2020


17. Yellow wall shelves

You can add yellow shelves and make your bathroom more appealing and beautiful.

18. Half tiles – half yellow

Half of the wall can be made with tiles and the other half can be a yellow wall. You can also add some decorations as well. A clock is a great idea.

19. Yellow wall and wall art

You can paint your walls yellow and add some wall arts. This is an amazing idea. And, if you have a creative mind you can make your bathroom look stunning.

20. Yellow floor shelves

Add more beauty with new floor shelves. You can add your towels here, hairdryer, or something else that you need.

21. Yellow light

You can add an ordinary yellow light or you could make a better one, like this one. Yellow light in the wall.

22. White and yellow cupboard

The cupboard can be white, but the top of the cupboard must be yellow. Yellow and white go together. They look great together, so why not mix them?

23. White bath curtain and yellow objects

You can add some style with this curtain. It doesn’t have to be a lemon, it can be something else you like. But make sure it is yellow, otherwise, it won’t add magic.

24. Yellow chair

Add a yellow chair. This is another great decorative idea to do. You can get even more creative and add some towels as well.

25. Yellow vases

There is no better way to bring some nature in. Get yourself a beautiful yellow vase or two (with flowers of course).

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26. Yellow rubber duckies

If you have kids’ – get some yellow rubber duckies so they can have fun while having a bath. Bring a smile on their faces and make them look forward to bathing.

27. Yellow Mason Jars

Paint your Mason Jars yellow and use them for your brush and for a fluid soap. You can use them for something else if you are creative.

28. Yellow lamp and bathroom sink

Paint your bathroom lamp yellow, and to add more style you can also paint the lower part of the sink yellow. If you want even more yellow add a yellow carpet or a yellow towel.

29. Yellow mirror frame

Having a brighter mirror frame will help you look at your face more clearly. It brings a lot of light in the bathroom so you should consider a yellow mirror frame.

30. Yellow circular paint

You don’t need to paint everything yellow. Just a circle will be great. Check the photo below and see how great it looks on the wall.


Final Thoughts

Yellow is a color of positivity and happiness. Yellow brings more brightness in your bathroom and yellow can look stunning when painted perfectly. You can either do some of these ideas yourself or you can call someone else to do it.
I 100% guarantee that you will enjoy your yellow side of the house.

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