Top 10 Summer Party Games Everyone Will Love

Top 10 Summer Party Games Everyone Will Love

7) Pool Ball

You need a pool to play this game, which makes it somewhat limited for summer party games that everyone can play. But effectively, this game is a mix between basketball and soccer. The end goal is to have a group of people trying to make their ball in the pool. But at the same time, you have a goalie in the pool to deflect shots if they’re good enough. Now the way this works best is if the shooters all have their projectiles color-coded to themselves. That way score can be kept throughout the game.

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Top 10 Summer Party Games Everyone Will Love

8) Scatter!

Summer party games wouldn’t be complete without water balloons being present, now would they? This game is simple, people stand in a circle with their hands or feet all touching a point. Someone whips some water balloons straight up above the circle as hard and as high as they can. The last person to remain in the zone wins. Simple, effective, and can be really interesting if you fill some balloons with something that ups the risk… like ketchup or mustard mixed with cold water.

Top 10 Summer Party Games Everyone Will Love

9) DIY Fort or Boat (Pool Required)

Go to the local hardware store or just pick up some thick reams of paper and wax paper and get your players to start crafting. Whether it’s a makeshift fort or a boat floating in the pool, the players who did not make the other creation take a ball or water balloon and attempt to destroy or sink the other team’s creation. Whoever crafted the better creation that stands for the longest against the barrage, wins the game.

Top 10 Summer Party Games Everyone Will Love

10) Splatter Art!

Pick up some cheap paint and have players start slinging it at some canvas or the fence so long as the paint washes off. This is a fun and creative way to get people making a mess in a fun and artsy way.

Top 10 Summer Party Games Everyone Will Love

Which of these summer party games will you be trying? Let us know in the comments below!

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