30+ Creative Plumbing Pipes Furniture Ideas and Designs For 2020


15. Coat hanger

Coat hanger

Welcome your guests with a plumbing pipe coat hanger. Look below how easy it is to do. It won’t take you more than 45 minutes to install.

16. Pipe chair

Pipe chair

Instead of buying an expensive chair, create yourself a pipe chair. It won’t cost you much and it will take 50 minutes to do.


17. Bed fence

Bed fence

Protect your kids by adding a pipe fence to their beds. Connect the pipes and attach them to the wood part of the bed.

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18. Trolley


Create a trolley from plumbing pipes that you are going to use for serving food. Whether it’s for your restaurant or your warm home… This trolley will help a lot and it will bring new looks to your home.


19. Stool

Don’t spend $400 on a stool. Create one yourself, it will cost you less than $100.


20. Wall desk

Wall desk

Wall desks are great for doing work or homework (depending on your age). Do your best work on the amazing pipe wall desk.


21. Pendant Light from Beer Bottles

Pendant Light from Beer Bottles


22. Clothes hanging from salvaged wood and galvanized steel

Clothes hanging from salvaged wood and galvanized steel


23. Industrial bar cart

Industrial bar cart


24. Pipeline pipe frame bed

Pipeline pipe frame bed


25. Radiator chair

Radiator chair


26. Plumbing pipe lamp

Plumbing pipe lamp


27. Towel hanging

Towel hanging

28. Human figure lamp

Human figure lamp

29. Coat rack

Coat rack

30. Pipe corner bookcase

Pipe corner bookcase


Final Thoughts

Plumbing pipe furniture will save you a fortune. While it’s cheap nature, these pip furniture are very aesthetic and will bring new looks to your home.

Enjoy your home more with these 20 unique plumbing pipe furniture designs. You can make them on your own and it won’t take much of your time, I promise.

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