Top 10 Places To Visit In San Antonio

Towers of the Americas overlook downtown San Antonio

7. San Antonio Zoo

Being open every day of the year, this is a great place for a family to go to. The zoo is more than 56 acre and holds over 3,500 animals. This can be an all-day experience. Inside the zoo are shops and resting areas to enjoy when taking a break from the animals. There is also an aquarium inside of the zoo. This was San Antonio’s first aquarium. There you would find both fresh water and saltwater animals. Outside of the zoo there is a small train ride to show guests a few sites around the zoo.

San Antonio Zoo best experience of all types of animals

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8. The Alamo

This museum is located in the heart of downtown. This is an historic Spanish mission site in San Antonio that reminds all of the Battle of the Alamo. Visitors are able to view the chapel, paintings, artifacts, and gift shop. You would be able to learn about The Alamo and its history.

The history of San Antonio is here

9. Sea World San Antonio

This park is very family friendly. They have multiple type of shows from Pets Ahoy to water shows like One Ocean. The park ensure that each guest is given information about how valuable each animal is and gives ways on how to protect them. This park can be a full day of adventure since it’s so big, out of the 4 Sea World parks this one is the largest. The park also has roller coasters to rides a couple of them should satisfy the trill seekers. What a better way to cool off than to visit Aquatica, it’s a water park located inside Sea World.

Sea World is a day of fun in San Antonio

10. Natural Bridge Caverns

These are said to be the largest commercial caverns in Texas. There is so much to see down below in the cavern as well above ground during your 70-minute tour. You are able to learn about the structure of the caverns and how they came to be. During the guided tour you are given the history about how the caves were found. There are so many different types of rock formations to view. There is some walking and stairs to go up and down.

Natural Bridge Caverns is a great place to visit in San Antonio

San Antonio is growing rapidly and with all the upgrades you don’t want to pass up this city.

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