What Every Upperclassmen Will Tell You About Freshman Year

Your Freshman year of College is supposed to be the best and most life-altering year of your life yet. You’re going to go through a lot of changes and have a lot more freedom and responsibility than before. It’s important to have fun but also take care of yourself and make sure you’re still on top of you stuff. These are some of the things upperclassmen would tell you about your freshman year of College.

Make As Many Friends As Possible

You want to make sure you have a supports system and feel connected to the campus life. Having more friends will improve your success and happiness in College. You don’t have to have a lot of friends but at least two or three in the beginning so that you don’t feel isolated and actually enjoy being at school. As the years go by, you’ll make more and more friends so don’t worry if you don’t have a lot right away.

You Don’t Have To Have Your Major Figured Out

Your first year of College, you’ll be encouraged to take classes within your major but if they’re too hard or you realize you’re not interested in the subject matter, don’t worry about wanting to switch majors-that’s perfectly fine! Don’t worry about possible time and credits waisted just take the required courses outside your major and you’ll figure it out eventually.

Live On Campus

You may not be feeling the dorm life with no kitchen or bathroom but you’ll meet a lot of people and feel a lot more connected to the school by living in the dorms. There are some dorm options with bathrooms if that’s a deal breaker for you and it’s kind of a college hazing living and struggling in the dorms- you won’t have the full college experience if you don’t live in the dorms.

Take Classes That Are Fun Outside Your Major

You want to make sure you’re still having some light, fun classes mixed in with your hard ones. Take an art class, a dance class or a subject that would be fun and interesting to you- college is about having fun as well as working hard. Plus, these classes are good to fall back on if you find your major isn’t what you were expecting.

Rush If You Can

Rushing is a great way to meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends right away. Rushing isn’t for everyone and maybe you’re not a people or party person but rushing will giving you an automatic community of people that can support you in your college career which will make you happier and more successful in College.

Don’t Take 8am Classes

Adjusting to College life is hard enough without having to wakeup at the crack of dawn and absorb information. You’re going to have a lot more late nights as in you Freshman year whether you’re studying or going out with friends- don’t make your life harder by having to go to class early in the morning.

Freshman Year Is About Having Fun

Make sure you go out and meet new people as much as possible. Freshman year is supposed to be the best year of your college career so don’t waste it by worrying about academics too much. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t be keeping up with your classes but they don’t have to be a priority your Freshman year.

Join A Club Or Group You’re Interested In

If rushing isn’t for you or people in your fraternity or sorority don’t have the same interests as you, join a club or group to meet some like-minded people. Maybe there’s a recreational sport you can join or a cause you’re passionate about- join a club to make friends that have the same passions as you.


Freshman year is about going out and having fun. Meet as many people and make as many friends and memories as possible. Never say no to an opportunity to go out and have fun- unless of course you have a big test to study for the next day- otherwise this year is about making new memories and having fun.

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