What Every Upperclassmen Will Tell You About Freshman Year

Keep Your Stress Levels Down

College can be fun but also very stressful. Make sure you’re doing activities that lower your stress levels. Do a yoga video, meditate, exercise or get a massage- you don’t want to over work yourself because that will lead to you doing even worse in your classes.

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Take Less Classes

It’s better to do well and take fewer classes than stress yourself out and end up failing a class. A full time load is four classes so your first year, while you’re adjusting, take four to five classes and get a feel for how much work your classes will expect of you.

Don’t Party Too Much

College is about having fun and socializing but you don’t want that to be all you’re doing and end up failing out of school. Keep your drinking and partying all night to just the weekends or once or twice a week and spend the other days focusing on your classes.

Going To Class Is Important

You may think that because they don’t take attendance and they don’t call your parents if you don’t go that you don’t have to go but going to class is still very important. You may be able to slack off more than in high school but unless you’re the type of person that always does all the reading and can teach yourself out of a textbook, you should go to class.

Try To Eat Balanced Meals

The college diet usually consisted of Top-o-ramen and microwavable popcorn and we’re all on a budget in College but make sure you’re still getting a balanced diet. Make sure you’re getting your nutrients and vitamins whether you have to buy your own food or make healthy decisions at the cafeteria and fight off that Freshman 15.

Self-Care Is Important

College can be stressful make sure you’re still taking care of yourself by showering and brushing your teeth regularly, eating healthy and working out. It’s easy to let these things slip when you’re studying or going out all the time but make sure you’re making some time for yourself

What are you going to try to do your Freshman year of College? Comment below:

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