10 Tips For Hosting A Killer Themed Party

6. Make Sure Everyone Is Dressing Up

Nothing’s more embarrassing than being the only one dressed up at your own party. Sure, you can rock that costume all night long, but it’s more fun if everyone is as involved as you are. Make certain to include that it’s a themed dress-up party in your invite and send reminders to all your friends at least a week before it starts. Check in and see who’s willing to play along and who’s not.

If (almost) everyone will play into the theme by dressing the part, great! You can move on to the next step.

7. Rock Your Costume

Once you’ve established that everyone will get into character with you, it’s time to craft and hone your costume until you have one authentic enough to pass for the real deal. Some costumes will take less time than others. A Friends party is only going to need some 90s-themed clothes you can find at your nearest thrift store while other themes will require more time.

Again, search Pinterest for any costume ideas if you’re stuck and plan for the amount of time you will need to get it all ready.

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10 Tips For Hosting A Killer Themed Party

8. Plan Themed Activities

A good rule of party planning in general is to make sure you have the activities planned out. You don’t have to go so far as to make seating charts (unless you’re doing a murder mystery theme that requires everyone to play a character), but a rough map of what all you can do to keep guests entertained is a safe bet. Most parties will go something like greet / mingle / food / games, but you’re welcome to improvise your own schedule.

The important part, no matter how the party goes, is to spice things up with some themed activities. This can be as simple as a movie-based board game or as complex as the aforementioned murder mystery. Whatever the activities, they should match your given theme—something tells me James Bond or Elizabeth Bennett wouldn’t be playing beer pong.

10 Tips For Hosting A Killer Themed Party

9. Have A Cleanup Plan

This one isn’t so much for the guests as it is for your peace of mind, especially if you’re hosting at your house. Decide what time you will need the party to wind down and plan to taper off activities around the time everyone will be heading out. You can leave out snacks for people who want to mingle, but cleaning up the rest of the food as you go will save you time later on.

In addition, check with friends before the party to see who’s willing to volunteer as cleanup crew. After all, you’re providing the entertainment and the food; the least they can do is wash a few dishes.

10. Take Plenty Of Pictures For Social Media

After you put all that time and effort into bringing your vision to life, you deserve a pat on the back (and a little gloating). The compliments people give you at the party are nice, but Instagram-worthy photos that you can paste all over social media helps keep that glow going a little longer. They’re also memories your friends can look back on and say, “Oh, yeah, I went to that party! It was amazing!”

10 Tips For Hosting A Killer Themed Party

Are you planning on throwing a themed party? What theme are you going to use? Tell us about it in the comments!

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