7 Everyday Eyeshadow Looks To Wear During The Day

5. Colorful Inner Corner

If you couldn’t tell, Kylie Jenner has influenced the makeup world in more than one way. Just like the shadowed eyeliner, a pop of color in the inner corner of your eye is also a trend inspired by Kylie. This look is simple but trendy. It adds just a flair to your normal eyeshadow in the easiest way possible. Yellow, blue, neon green, the possibilities are endless! If a wild color isn’t your thing, use a shimmer! A pop of shimmer in the inner corner is just as fashionable as a bright neon pink.

7 Everyday Everyshadow Looks To Wear During The Day

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6. Bronzed Eyelids

The world of makeup is truly a magnificent place. There are no rules or boundaries. While eyeshadow is specifically made to go on our pretty little eyelids, there’s no rule that it is the only thing that can go on our eyelids. For those of you that truly do not want to put in the time to create a three-part eyeshadow look in the morning before your day, bronzer can be a great replacement. It’s compact and simple. You can use your fingers or a single blending brush, and all it takes is a few moments to create a sun-kissed makeup look that took nearly no effort at all, because it really didn’t.

7 Everday Everyshadow Looks To Wear During The Day

7. Pop Of Glitter

This everyday eyeshadow look is the most unconventional out of all the looks listed here. While it may not be be for everyone, if you’ve been searching for a light glam you can wear to the office, this is the eyeshadow look for you. Sure, the glitter might get everywhere, but sometimes that’s okay! For true glitter lovers out there, that maybe isn’t a bad thing. Eyeshadow fallout can be some people’s biggest pet peeves, but with glitter, how truly terrible would it be if some got on your cheeks? It’ll only enhance your highlighter!

At the end of the day, glitter is eye-catching, so if you’re looking to stand out a bit, try it! There is nothing wrong with trying something new once in a while. Makeup is exciting, and the possibilities for looks are absolutely endless.

7 Everyday Eyeshadow Looks To Wear During The Day

What did you think of these everyday eyeshadow looks? Do you have your own eyeshadow look you like to rock? Let us know in the comments below!

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