20 DIY Backpack Ideas & Projects (With Tutorials) For 2020

1. Drawstring Backpack with Flap

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The backpack is an integral part of your overall school look. This drawstring backpack is made to be able to accommodate whatever you want to keep; books, stationery and whatever you want. The flap makes sure of that.

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2. Rectangular Backpack

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If you have kids that are starting school and you need some cute school backpack for them here you go. The yellow mix of these backpacks adds some style to its look.

3. Gold Chevron Backpack

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The gold pattern is the cool feature of this bag. It has an adjustable drawstring that can be fitted to your perfect size. With this color, it can be used on any clothes you like.

4. Drawstring Backpack

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If you are looking to get a backpack that wouldn’t make loud zippers noise, here is a design for you. This backpack design is easy to access and can be carried by both males and females.

5. Cloudy Backpack

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If you are a nature inclined person, here is a cloud design for you. Also, it is a cool daydreaming pattern. Your backpacks can be made stylish and fashionable and this is no exception.

6. Ready for the New Year?

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Here is a really beautiful backpack that you could give to your spouse or daughter. The pink color is an attractive color for ladies; the plus to this design is the shiny colorful studs placed on the backpack.

7. Painted Backpack

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Here is another beautiful backpack design, the colorfully painted dots around the white makes it stylish and fashionable. This pattern simply brightens the atmosphere.

8. Drawstring Backpack with a Front Pocket

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This backpack idea is better if you need a design that has front pockets to keep small items and would make no zipper noise. A plus to this design is that it is stylish and would fit whatever purpose you desire.

9. Polka Dot Backpack

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This idea can be made into both kids and adult sizes. The white spots added to these blue patterns make it fashionable and stylish. It is also easy and simple to be made.

10. Hound’s Tooth Doggy Backpack

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Here is a funky backpack design for your kids. The design is made into a dog design; it is a desirable design amongst kids both male and female.

11. Rainbow Yarn Pom Pom Backpack

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