25+ Super Cool Teen Girl’s Bedroom Decor Ideas & Designs For 2020


Why not make your room more comfy by covering up the hard floor with such soft floor pillows? 

13. Mirror Garlands

Mirror Garlands


Suspend a large number of mini mirrors to recreate this dreamland. Give your room a divine touch and radiate it with happiness and aesthetics with the aid of this idea.

14. Paint Wall Art

Paint Wall Art


All you need is a poster board and a can of paint spray to make a beautiful paint wall art of your own. Hang it up against a wall and behind a low table to admire its simplicity.

15. Glitter Vases

Glitter Vases


The vases in your room can be modified with a touch of glitter to enhance their beauty. Place a bouquet of flowers in them and you’re set.

16. Chevron Monogram Canvases

Chevron Monogram Canvases

Source: diybeautify, joann

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Design a canvas and draw heads your way while leaving people envious of your artistry and creativity.

17. Cupcake Liner Pendant Light

Cupcake Liner Pendant Light


This great DIY is surely something that can light up any room, no matter the gender or age.

18. Hexagon Wall Treatment

Hexagon Wall Treatment


Drawing heavy inspiration from the design of a honeycomb, you can hang the different hexagon tiles neatly against the wall. Place the tiles with mirrors in the center, and the rest around them in the design of a beehive.

19. Home sweet home push pin art

Home sweet home push pin art


Press thumbtacks against a green board and arrange the pins in any design you want. The more number of thumbtacks, the more detailed your final art can look.

20. Glass Marble Table Top

Glass Marble Table Top


Cover the original wooden top of your table with a marble tile to make it even more beautiful. Marble tiles and pebbles add a new quirk to your furniture set and make your room look stylish. 

21. Ombre walls

Ombre walls


22. Shabby chic mirror from an old door

Shabby chic mirror from an old door

23. DIY pink chalkboard globe

DIY pink chalkboard globe


24. Elegant and simple

Elegant and simple


25. DIY sequin marquee heart

DIY sequin marquee heart


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