25 Corny Pickup Lines That Will Make You Cringe

15. “Are you a beaver? Because dam!”

You’re stuck on the person calling you a beaver, aren’t you? Don’t worry because you have are only two minutes away from the door.

25 Corny Pickup Lines That Will Make You Cringe

16. “If I were a transplant surgeon, I’d give you my heart.”

Well of course this is on a list of corny pickup lines. It’s inevitable. Why don’t you keep it alright?

17. ” Did you have lucky charms for breakfast? Because you look magically delicious!”

I look magically delicious but that pick up line just made me throw up in my mouth. Be right back. I have to go to the restroom and and duck out while you’re no looking.

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18. “I love you like a pig loves not being bacon.”

Huh? I have a piece of advice for you take the red pill my guy. Take the red pill.

19. “Is your nickname Chapstick? Because you’re da balm!”

No, my name is exit and after hearing that pickup line I think I’m going to live up to my namesake.

20. “If I were a cat I’d spend all nine lives with you.”

Dead end. Baby don’t waste your time because I won’t either.

25 Corny Pickup Lines That Will Make You Cringe

21. “There’s only one thing I would change about you. Your last name. “

You know what, I’m good. It’s time for me to bounce anyways, but you have a nice one. Definitely let me know how it goes.

22. “Your mom will love me.”

Not if you’re coming on this strong. One twitch of her eye and you will be out the door, praying for another chance.

23. “You dropped something. My jaw!”

Maybe you shouldn’t have used that corny pickup line and my fist wouldn’t have accidentally made contact with your jaw. What can I say?

24. “Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll return it.”

Why don’t you return back to whoever told you that pickup line actually worked. i can assure you it doesn’t.

25. “You put the cheese in my macaroni.”

Which means you need a little more flavor in your life before coming to me. You have nothing to offer. Goodbye.

25 Corny Pickup Lines That Will Make You Cringe

So how does it feel to cringe 25 times in a row? Not the nest huh? Well, at least you are prepared for these corny pickup lines when they come your way. Any more that are fated to end up on this long list of corny pick up lines?

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