50 Perfect Instagram Captions To Step Up Your Selfie Game

Instagram captions are hard to come up with, which is why we’ve created an article to help you through the anxiety and wondering whether or not to post. Love our generation, don’t you? But seriously, social media can be your best friend and your worst enemy: let’s get started.

1. Love Yourself

I’m sorry, but this one is a classic. When it comes to taking a picture of yourself, we all feel vulnerable on some level. Posting a selfie with this caption is confident, relatable, and loving. Give it a try!

50 Perfect Instagram Captions To Step Up Your Selfie Game

2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Catchy, and you may have the song stuck in your head afterward. Sorry, but this one is really a classic. Selfie captions are meant to be short, sweet, and witty. This has all of that!

3. Sweet Like Honey

This caption is clever, and you’ll be able to use the cute little honey emoji. Don’t forget to smile! Or, half-smile, whichever you prefer.

50 Perfect Instagram Captions To Step Up Your Selfie Game

4. Just Peachy

Ok, I promise I’m done with the fruit captions. But seriously, they are truly one of a kind, and the peach emoji does more than reference a butt.

50 Perfect Instagram Captions To Step Up Your Selfie Game

5. Thank You, Next

Ariana Grande said it best. This caption is wise, sassy, and you’ll surely appear like a badass.

6. Good Vibes

Everyone debates on which selfie caption to pick. I mean, come on, let’s be real, as if posting it isn’t enough work, we have to come up with a caption, too? The good vibes caption is classic and positive.

7. Skies Of Blue

Like we have shared, some of the best Instagram captions are ones with the least amount of words. Nobody really wants to read a paragraph under a selfie!

8. Catch On

This Instagram caption will surely have your selfie gettin’ noticed. Sassy, and right to the point.

9. No Promises

For all you badass babes out there, this one is for you.

10. Know Your Worth

One of the best ways to represent confidence and self-worth is by this caption. Posting a selfie can be scary, but who says it needs to be?

11. I Don’t Always Take Selfies

Why not get the point out there that you don’t always take selfies? Can’t hurt!

12. Selfie Sunday

If you do in fact take a lot of selfies, there’s no shame in that. Just throw on a clever ‘Selfie Sunday’ caption and your good to go.

13. Why So Serious?

Ah, the question caption. A true classic, and you’ll turn a few heads while you’re at it.

14. Sunday Funday

If you are about to take a selfie but you are unsure of what caption to put, consider ‘Sunday Funday’. It’s short, sweet, and relatable.

15. It Is What It Is

This caption is short and sweet, but also very true, and pretty relatable.

16. You’re The King, Baby I’m Your Queen

This caption will be sure to grab the attention of your audience. Not to mention, you’ll look badass posting it!

17. Oh Hey There

Friendly, cute, and you’ll definitely seem casual about posting a selfie.

18. Catch A Glimpse

Openly showing off, but staying respectably humble with this caption. You want to leave something to the imagination, don’t you?

19. Dime Piece

Show off the other side to you with a caption as sassy and classic as this one.

20. Mornin’

This caption may only work if you post in the morning, ha.

21. Let It Be

Short and simple, let this caption do the talking.

22. Is It Friday Yet?

Ah, a classic. Everyone will always love the weekend. Unless you have to work, of course.

23. Golden Hour

We all love to take selfies in that prime golden hour window. The sun shining just perfectly, giving us that golden bronze glow.

24. TGIF

So classic that they named a restaurant after it. Everyone is waiting for Friday, and this classic post will do you no harm.

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