50 Perfect Instagram Captions To Step Up Your Selfie Game

25. Be You

When it comes to Instagram captions, we all want to adhere to societal norms and pressures. The caption ‘be you’, is a classic that will do more than just help you stand out.

26. Grow Through What You Go Through

Everyone goes through hard times and faces challenges. The important thing is to not only move past it but let it make you stronger! But first, caption it.

27. Do You Boo

It rhymes, and it makes for a cute selfie caption.

28. Take It Or Leave It

You know how it is, and this caption says it all. Again, with Instagram captions, short and sweet is key!

29. X O X O

This one is sweet, and who doesn’t love hugs and kisses? No matter what your insta style, we have all the possible captions here.

30. Ocean Eyes

There are a couple different options with this. If you take a selfie on the beach, I would go with this one. Even if you just have the ocean in the background of your picture.

31. Fearless

Taylor Swift said it well. Fearless is a great caption, and it will make people think you really are!

32. Aquaholic

We all know someone who this applies to. Maybe the other word, but that’s ok. Makes for a clever caption!

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33. Care Free

Any caption that promotes good vibes is a good one. Posting a selfie with a carefree caption underneath is definitely the way to go!

34. Cloud 9

Ah, another peaceful energy vibe. Classic post.

35. Pure Bliss

These uplifting captions will have people thinkin’ you are one sweet soul!

36. Aloha

Are we in Hawaii? Well with this trendy caption, you’ll think you are.

37. Summertime Fine

Rhyming, and who doesn’t appreciate a summer vibe?

38. Too Sweet

I love the sweet-tooth references, I don’t know about you.

39. Couldn’t Stay Away

Everyone loves social media. But sometimes, it’s hard to stay away. This caption will let everyone know on your feed that you have been thinking of them! (Even if you haven’t.)

40. Happy

Everyone loves to be happy. In some cases, you gotta fake it till ya make it!

41. Wild Thoughts

Song lyrics are a classic!

42. Yin And Yang

Not only is the emoji of this cool, but so is the caption.

43. Escape The Ordinary

Basic? Not anymore with this caption!

44. Sunshine State Of Mind

A true classic, we all need a little sunshine.

45. Suga Suga

This caption followed by the lollipop emoji, a true classic caption.

46. Up Close And Personal

After all… it is a picture of you. Right?

47. Up In My Feels

It is ok to be emotional sometimes.

48. Do You Like?

Asking a question on your selfie caption is a real bad-ass move.

49. One Day At A Time

That’s all any of us can do. One day at a time.

50. Do Ya Thing

Do ya thing, girl!

Captions are hard to make. I hope this article gave you some inspiration for captions on your selfies! What caption was your favorite? Comment below! Thank you so much for reading!

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