Delicious Candy Recipes That You Can Make At Home

We all need the pleasures of candy every now and then. Candy is just great and despite what a lot of people think, you can actually make a bunch of different specialty candies from the comfort of your own home. So put on some music, have some fun making your favorite kinds of candies, and then relax while eating them. Here are some popular candy recipes that you can make at home because sometimes good candy is all we really want after a long day.

1. Buckeye Balls:

Everyone should know how to make classic Buckeyes. This delicious peanut butter and chocolate treat is a favorite for many due to them being easy to make and one of the best flavor combinations out there chocolate and peanut butter. It’s also one of my favorite flavor combos, I might add. You can make this candy super simply by mixing peanut butter, salted butter, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar in a bowl. Feel free to add a little brown sugar for some more depth to the peanut butter flavor. Then after all of those ingredients are mixed together, roll the mixture into balls and dip the bottom of each ball into melted chocolate.

Delicious Candy Recipes That You Can Make At Home

2.  Chewy Caramel Candies:

I love caramel. But I feel like a lot of people think it’s hard to make when in reality there are ways you can make it easily. Sometimes you just need a nice chewy caramel candy that tastes indulgent but was definitely not a pain for you to make in your kitchen. I also feel like caramel is such a comforting flavor and somedays that’s more important than the fact that it’s a “sweet treat”. To make these comforting candies, melt cream and butter in a pan and then take off the heat. In another saucepan, cook sugar, corn syrup, and water then whisk in the cream and butter into the mixture. Pour the caramels into a greased mold and let the caramels set. Once the caramel is set, cut it into your desired length and size. Add some salt for salted caramel candies and get ready for amazing flavor!

Delicious Candy Recipes That You Can Make At Home

3.  Turtle Candies:

If you like pecan pie, caramel, and chocolate, then this candy recipe is for you. Nothing beats this homey candy recipe and it is also simple to make, so it really is a win-win. First, set halved pecans on a greased baking sheet. Then, melt soft caramels and spoon a little bit over the pecans. Next, spoon melted chocolate over the caramel-covered pecans. They’ll need to set up in the fridge for 30 minutes but then they are more than good to eat, and you totally should.

Delicious Candy Recipes That You Can Make At Home

4. Peppermint Patties:

Sometimes after dinner, you just need a peppermint patty. Or you might just want a peppermint patty whenever the opportunity for one presents itself. Either way, all peppermint patty eaters should know this recipe. First, mix powdered sugar, sweetened condensed milk, and peppermint extract until it looks like dough. Next, roll it out, cut out circle shapes and place on a baking sheet for 30 minutes in the fridge. After they set, dip the patties in dark chocolate and you’ll have your perfect after-dinner mint candy!

Delicious Candy Recipes That You Can Make At Home

5.  “Almond Joy” Truffles:

Who doesn’t love coconut and chocolate? I know some people don’t, but these “Almond Joy” style candies are seriously delicious and worth a taste even from coconut and almond skeptics. To make these beauties, first combine condensed milk, salt, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and shredded coconut in a bowl. Once all of that is mixed together, you can roll them into a spherical shape and press an almond at the top. Then after they set, dip them in dark chocolate and let them harden some more. I know the wait is agonizing, but soon you’ll have delicious candies to make up for it!

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