Easy Summer Lunch Ideas You Need To Try

Easy Summer Lunch Ideas You Need To Try

#7 Flatbread 

Flatbread is a cute take on pizza and will make your guests go crazy! If you have a pizza oven on your patio or in your home, this is the perfect way to cook flatbread. If you do not have a pizza oven, a regular oven will work just fine! There is nothing like pizza during any season or weather! You can customize flatbread to have anything on it from just plain cheese to Hawaiian, it is totally up to you! This is also a fun thing to do with friends, you can throw a summer pizza party!

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Easy Summer Lunch Ideas You Need To Try

#8 Grilled Chicken Sliders

Obviously, when you think of summer food you think of burgers and hot dogs. After a while, though those can get boring and tedious to eat. So why not swap the burger for some grilled chicken? This is the perfect late afternoon lunch and you can make some for leftovers! You can top the grilled chicken however you like with cheese, tomato, or absolutely anything! 

Easy Summer Lunch Ideas You Need To Try

#9 Shrimp Ziti

Summer is all about seafood and one of the most common types to eat is shrimp. Everyone loves shrimp and pasta so why not combine the two to make a delicious shrimp ziti. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! It is so easy and you only need a few ingredients. This is another recipe where you can substitute or take out any ingredient you would like. 

Easy Summer Lunch Ideas You Need To Try

#10 Healthy Tacos

This is hands down one of my favorite summer lunch ideas. I am not going to lie, I eat this all the time and probably once a week! This is a vegetarian option too for those who prefer a meatless summer lunch! There are three simple ingredients which are roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, and sliced avocado! Wrap all those up in a corn tortilla and you have the most delicious taco recipe! 

Easy Summer Lunch Ideas You Need To Try

What is your favorite summer lunch? Leave a comment down below! 

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