How The Reputation Of Sorority Girls Have Changed

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If you are not a member of Greek life, try not to pass judgment on a sorority girl before meeting here. Many girls who join Greek life were against being in an organization in the first place altogether, however found that there truly are many benefits to being in an organization. Whether you are planning on being in a sorority or are personally against it, there is no need to hate on those who have joined or stereotype them as simply partiers. There are standards to being in a Greek organization similar to any other club or major group, and members should be allowed to be proud to wear their Greek letters and represent their sorority.

Individual Benefits

Based on image, you might believe that sororities only provide individuals with the ability to talk and make cute girly crafts. However, this is simply not true rather, sororities foster an environment of community and leadership. Not only are many members required to maintain a specific academic GPA to be apart of the organization, but they must also possess the traits that their sororities deem most important. For example, every individual sorority has its own unique motto and motivation to provide some type of public service to society. With this comes community service requirements, time management skills, and an ability to interact with others professionally and kindly. In being a part of an organization, you are no longer simply an individual, but representing an organization as a whole. Everything you do and say can impact the image of your sorority, thus you must maintain an image of professionalism during formal events. Of course sororities girls have their fun during mixers and almost never hesitate to dress up for a theme but they have their priorities straight.

Have you been stereotyped as a generic sorority girl? Tell us about your experience as a participant in Greek Life in the comments below!

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