10 Clever DIY Hair Care Ideas & Treatments For 2020

If you are completely honest with yourself, you would admit that sometimes you just want to wear your natural hair and feel good about it. Regardless of hair type, everyone should be able to take care of their hair because really, your hair is like a crown. You are wearing it so if you want to feel like a queen, you should be pretty confident about your hair. Your hair needs some life, love, and care besides the usual shampooing and conditioning.  Also, chemicals spoil the hair so a lot of times after using store-bought products, your hair begins to feel brittle and even fall off which makes you opt for extensions and attachments. What a royal tragedy!

It is therefore advisable to use natural products on your hair, some of which ingredients you can find in your kitchen. Here are some DIY hair care tips that will give your hair the healthy shine that it deserves!

1. Mayonnaise hair care treatment

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The days on which you don’t know what to do to make your hair smooth and healthy are over. Mayonnaise, when applied to the hair, has various properties that will not only reduce frizzes on curly hair but will also give you stronger, healthier long hair. It is also a natural ingredient for lice treatment and it completely moisturizes your hair giving it that relaxed look. It is easy to use, easy to make and you probably already have some mayonnaise sitting in your kitchen cabinet.

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2. Kakar oil and Chebe powder

Kakar oil is another name for sesame seed oil and it is filled with rich elements that are nourishing for the hair. The African Chebe powder is from a plant grown in Chad. It is rich in Vitamins A and B12, just to mention a few of its qualities. Imagine the lot of good combining these active ingredients will do to your hair.  It is easy to make and apply. You can begin this hair treatment in the comfort of your home.

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3. Rice water

Rice water has been known to work wonders on hair for a very long time. According to research, a long time ago, women in Japan had unbelievably long hair due to washing their hair with rice water. What do you do with rice water after parboiling it? Most people toss it away because it seems useless but, you can now make really good use for it by washing your hair with it. After boiling rice, you can save the sticky water and use it as a conditioner for your hair.

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4. Lemon Scrub

Due to dryness, our scalp could be itchy. One of the ways to relieve our scalps of dryness and flaky skin is through lemon and olive oil. The acidity in lemon relieves dry skin and the olive oil helps to moisturize the hair.

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5. Honey shampoo

Honey is known to possess amazing active properties for healthy hair. Raw honey is especially a magical product for your hair as this helps to moisturize, nourish and smoothen your hair. It is also gentle on sensitive scalp.

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6. Avocado

Frizzled hair could cause a lot of stress but all you need is a good moisturizer and as avocado comes with richness in biotin, antioxidants, vitamin A and E and essential fatty acids, it makes for best nutrients to manage frizzled hair.

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