10 Indoor Plants That Thrive In Dorm Rooms

These indoor plants may be from different species, but they’ve all got the same name: Survivor. Whether you need something to brighten up your work desk or dorm room – but also can last a week or two without water – these fresh, colorful plants deliver on every front. They’re perfect for beginners or professionals alike. Not to mention they’re stupidly pretty.

Peace Lily

Specially named for its hooded white blooms resembling “white flags of surrender”, the Peace Lily isn’t a lily at all, but a Spathiphyllum. They’re known for their incredible air-purifying abilities and were even endorsed by NASA! It helps cleanse the air in your room while also being a resilient, low-maintenance plant. They’re forgiving whether you water them too much or not enough. A quick soak will perk up these blooms if they’ve been neglected for too long. Best placed in indirect sunlight or dark quarters, use them to brighten up an unloved corner of your room.

10 Indoor Plants That Thrive In Dorm Rooms

Asparagus Fern

This fluffy, hardy plant is impossible to kill. That’s not a challenge, though you’ll be glad to know maintenance for them is easy. Humidity is a must, so if you’re in a humid area, then this plant is perfect for you. If not, give it a quick mist daily. If it dries out, place it outside for the outdoor temperatures to revive it. Its frilly, feathery fronds will perk up any dull spot in your room. Plus, when an asparagus fern is happily nourished, tiny white flowers and even berries may appear!

10 Indoor Plants That Thrive In Dorm Rooms

African Violets

These dark, lovely beauties enjoy filtered light, lukewarm water, and special soil mixes. Its showy blooms appear several times annually to give any part of your room a bright, elegant display. The African Violet has a few quirks, which makes it ideal for attentive caretakers. It favors light, porous soil with higher quality aeration. These soil varieties can be found at most home and garden stores. They also prefer water in tepid temperatures to be applied directly to the base – drops on their precious petals may cause damage spots. It’s a small price to pay for a gorgeous flower nook.

10 Indoor Plants That Thrive In Dorm Rooms

Chinese Money Plant

With adorable pancake-shaped leaves, the Chinese money plant (or Pilea) smacks of color against any concrete block wall. If it’s nice and chilly, they may even bloom tiny white flowers! Indirect light, rotating it weekly to prevent it from leaning, and wiping the dust from the large leaves makes up most of the maintenance for this cutie. The best part about this plant is what an amazing gift it makes for friends. Pilea plants are notoriously hard to find in stores. Just snip a sprout from the base and give the offshoot to one of your plant-loving friends in a cute pot for replanting!

10 Indoor Plants That Thrive In Dorm Rooms

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Don’t be thrown off by the name – when people talk about orchids, this is usually the type they are referring to. These gorgeous flowers are especially rewarding to maintain because of their near constantly blooming petals. The delicate leaves wilt instantly in direct sunlight, so shade is preferable. Commercial orchid potting soil is made especially for this plant because it naturally grows on trees or host plants. It can get by on being watered only once a week which makes it perfect for beginners. Fun fact: it is also called the “moth orchid”.

10 Indoor Plants That Thrive In Dorm Rooms


“Flaming Katy” is easy to find and even easier to take care of. As a succulent, its specialty is to retain water, which makes it very forgiving if you forget to give it a soak. They can go without water for as long as two weeks, if not longer. Another succulent trait is how well they handle dry air, like the kind indoors. Normal home temperatures are excellent for this plant. They don’t like hot window sills, but if you’ve got a lot of light exposure in your room – don’t worry! These babies love bright, natural light. With enough light, the flower buds will burst open with color.

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