10 Indoor Plants That Thrive In Dorm Rooms

10 Indoor Plants That Thrive In Dorm Rooms

Air Plant

Tillandsia is a little different from other plants. And by little, I mean a lot. The first thing you may notice about air plants is that they have no soil. Just like their namesake, they don’t grow in soil, but in air. Their roots anchor them into place and keep them “grounded” to whatever vase or glass orb they rest in. This space-age plant boasts cool, spindly, tentacle-like leaves and even changes color throughout the seasons! On top of that, their needs are few: indirect sunlight and a good rinse under the faucet occasionally. No fertilizer needed here!

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10 Indoor Plants That Thrive In Dorm Rooms


Talk about drama! These vibrant, zingy “prayer plants” catch your eye instantly. With striped leaves and deep purple foliage, most people grow them for their sheer beauty alone but are surprised to find out how easy they are to take care of. Its ability to revive and come back to life reigns supreme – even if they’ve been neglected for a long time. Low light, humidity, and good spritz from the bottom up are all it demands. Humidity levels are especially important to this plant. The Calathea thrives on humidity, so if you’re in an area where it naturally gets humid often, this is the plant for you. If not, you can always get a humidifier and reap the benefits along with your plant!

10 Indoor Plants That Thrive In Dorm Rooms


Remember that time you burnt yourself in the kitchen and had to rush all the way to the bathroom for the first aid? Well, this plant makes that experience a distant memory. When you have this life-saving medicinal plant on standby next to your kitchen window, you have first aid literally growing in your home. Aloe not only offers health benefits, but its cool, spiky leaves can give any room the edge its looking for. Just be sure not to leave it in direct sunlight and to water it sparsely. Don’t feel guilty – Aloe’s thick leaves are packed with water and can easily rot if overwatered.

10 Indoor Plants That Thrive In Dorm Rooms


These rosy blooms can survive a drought or two, thanks to their large, bushy leaves. The varieties with darker leaves tolerate heat and sunspots better than other types, but this doesn’t mean the begonia will wither away at a touch of light. Indirect sunlight treats this plant perfectly. They require little water (overwatering is a big no-no here), rarely attract disease or insects, and most important of all, they’re GORGEOUS! Begonia blooms come in pink, red, white, and even yellow, and their rose floret shape is romantic and alluring enough to make you sigh.

10 Indoor Plants That Thrive In Dorm Rooms

How low maintenance do you prefer your plants? Are you a fern person, or a flower person? Let us know in the comments below!

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