10 Things to Look for in Your Next Apartment

10 Things to Look for in Your Next Apartment

7. Demographics in the complex

Pay close attention to who lives in the complex when you’re looking for your next apartment. Is it mostly older people? Mostly families and children? Are there lots of college students? The demographics of the complex will often determine how loud or quiet it is. If you mostly have older tenants, you can probably bet on some peace and quiet. Families may not too loud either, but there could be lots of kids running around, which makes it difficult to feel comfortable driving in the complex. Plus, if you don’t like kids, you probably don’t want to live in a complex where there are a lot of children. If mostly college students live in the complex, there will probably be loud parties, lots of visitors which means limited parking, or there could be a potential for drug activity. If you are about any of these things, you need to consider who your neighbors are when looking for your next apartment.

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10 Things to Look for in Your Next Apartment

8. Utilities and Wifi included?

Some complexes will include water, electric, trash, and Wifi in your bill or cover one of those utilities so you don’t have to worry about it. If you get really lucky, you’ll find that apartment that might be slightly higher in rent, but it covers water and electric and you’ll end up saving yourself a whole bunch of money. Complexes that don’t include any of these things means your monthly bills are going to add up. If you have to pay for rent, water, electric, trash, sewage, gas, and Wifi each month, your seemingly low rent of $450-$600 could quickly add up to you actually paying close to $900 a month to live in the apartment. Look for complexes that try to lessen your monthly expenses by covering at least one of those utilities. It’s important to save as much money as possible when looking for your next apartment!

10 Things to Look for in Your Next Apartment

9. Parking

This may not seem like too big of a deal, but try bringing home a month’s worth of groceries after deciding to live in a complex with limited parking so you find yourself having to talk across a parking lot in addition to the three flights of stairs to get everything inside. Make sure that the complex clearly provides enough spaces for each unit so everyone has a good place to park. Additionally, you’ll want to look into their parking policies. Some complexes charge you for a monthly parking pass and tow any cars without a pass. You need to look into the cost of the pass to determine if it’s worth it. Do they charge for a visitor pass, too? Or do they have a free visitor parking lot? If you’re looking at an apartment in the downtown area of a city, you need to check if there is street parking or if you’ll need to park in a parking garage. You have to make sure it’s not a hassle to get from your car to your home when looking for your next apartment!

10 Things to Look for in Your Next Apartment

10. Do you need a roommate to afford it?

This is the most important question of all. At the end of the day, you may find the perfect complex to live in, but you simply can’t afford it without a roommate. The price of living has gone up in almost every city in the US, so until you have your dream job, you might have to consider living with a roomie to afford your next apartment. If you’re the type of person who loves to live alone, then you’ll need to make sure you have the job to support your monthly expenses. If you don’t mind living with another person, then a lot of possibilities will open up for you! Even though you’ll be looking for a two bedroom apartment, your monthly expenses will be at least $100-$300 cheaper with a roommate.

10 Things to Look for in Your Next Apartment

Did you find these tips helpful? Were you able to find your dream apartment? Let us know if there are other things to consider when looking for a new apartment!

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