16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

Mini desserts are cute, but how about mini desserts on a stick? We are breaking barriers here, people. These treats are SO adorable they are giving me a nervous breakdown. They’re super delicious and surprisingly easy to make. Did I mention they’re tiny?

Lolli-Pop Tarts

It’s official – everything mini is cuter, and desserts on a stick taste better. Have the best of both worlds with these adorable treats. All it takes is store-bought pie dough, seedless jelly (or your favorite preserves), and lollipop sticks. You can make a quick glaze with confectioner’s sugar, water, and some fun food coloring. Throw some sprinkles on for extra delight!

16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

Waffle Pops

Totally sweet, simple, and buzzworthy. Prepare these the same way you would any waffle except placing a popsicle stick in between pours of batter. The rest is pure fantasy. Make confetti by drizzling melted white chocolate on top and sprinkles. Or you can take the decadent route: melt chocolate on top, sprinkle on crushed Oreos, and create cookies n’ cream waffles.

16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

Smores on a Stick

These classic summer treats are now reinvented by lollipop sticks and a blowtorch. You can make this using the same ingredients you’d get for regular smores! Puffy marshmallows, melted chocolate, and crushed graham crackers (and lollipop sticks). After popping them on to a stick, dip them in chocolate, roll them in graham crackers, and then lightly toast the tops. For a more rustic look, swap lollipop sticks for pretzel “twigs”!

16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

Cookie Dough Pops

The perfect comfort food treat, this dessert is easier than you think to make. After all, there’s no baking required. Using a safe, egg-free cookie dough recipe, roll your cookie dough into balls. A bit of melting chocolate at the end of your stick will help secure everything before you pop it into your cookie dough. Dip the balls in chocolate, add a few sprinkles if you like, and then let them set! If you’re like me, you can’t make cookies without stealing a spoonful of raw dough for yourself. Now you can do it without worrying about E. Coli!

16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Pops

These sandwiches are assembled in a snap. Take ice cream sandwiches, cut them into mini sizes, pop a stick in and roll them in sprinkles! If you’re throwing a party, you can freeze them for later. Or enjoy these delectable sandwiches on your own. These are perfect for hosting last-minute plans and make for an Instagram worthy summer post.

16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

Mini Cake Pops

You’ve never seen mini cake pops like these before. They’re adorable, LITERAL cakes, and making them is easy as baking a batch of brownies. After they cool, shape them into delicious little patties, stick ’em, and dip them in candy melts. Sprinkles and royal icing go a long way in terms of presentation points here. The candles can be cut down to mini sizes for the tiniest celebration ever. So. Cute.

16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

Petit Fours Pops

These pops are a trendy take on the classic petit fours and require less than half the work. Pound cake, jam, and chocolate candy melts create this whimsical, over the top dessert (and lollipop sticks, of course). Don’t feel limited with the jam – you can use your favorite preserves, spreads, or filling. Make them for a tea party themed brunch or girl’s night.

16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

Geode Cake Pops

Geode cakes are taking the web by storm. But you don’t have to order a fancy cake to get it on the fun! Make bite-sized versions with normal cake, candy melts, rock candy, and a variety of your favorite colored sprinkles. The process is meticulous, but the result is stunning. These are perfect for a glam birthday party or any other event where you want to show off your baking prowess. Jaws will hit the floor.

16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

Apple Pie Pops

America’s favorite pie, but with a twist! Or should I say a stick? A simple apple pie recipe is transformed into an adorable treat by using heart-shaped cookie cutters and cute little red bows. Throw together an easy apple pie filling, and then use the cookie cutters on roll-out pie dough for bite-sized servings. A little sugar glaze adds extra sweetness.

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