16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

Drunken Coffee Pops

This idea is genius. Who said popsicles were a kid’s treat? Cold brew coffee, Kahlua, coffee creamer, vodka, and chocolate syrup poured into popsicle molds make the perfect adult treat. For extra drama, dip them in melted chocolate and garnish with crushed pistachios, toasted coconut, or more chocolate! If you can’t decide on the best dessert for girl’s night, the choice has been made for you.

16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

Cereal on a Stick

Let’s face it, you can put Rice Krispie treats on a stick – but where’s the fun in that? Mix it up by using a different delicious cereal! Pictured below are Trix treats bursting with fun color. Not only does putting it on a stick make it perfect for eating on the go, but it also adds a look of magic! Tap into your inner child with these gooey, crunchy, sweet marshmallow yummies.

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16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

Thin Mint Oreo Pops

Two of the world’s greatest cookies combined. This delicious treat is minty, creamy, and SO tasty! The best part is it only calls for five things – chocolate chips, Oreos, peppermint extract, and lollipop sticks. Add the peppermint extract to your melted chocolate chips for that refreshing mint flavor. After it’s done setting in the fridge, you can use the leftover chocolate to drizzle on top of your Oreo cookie pops. Superb!

16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

Donut Pops

Don’t get me wrong – donut hole pops are great, but aren’t these actual donut pops fantastic? It may not be as easy as Oreo pops, but god, they’re adorable. A basic baked donut recipe in a donut mold pan will get you past the first half – creating these delightful mini treats. Then you’ll need melted chocolate, popsicle sticks, and sprinkles to add some fun! Using a good, secure popsicle stick as opposed to a lollipop stick will add much more stability. The result is a delicious donut that is as cute as sin.

16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

Molten Nutella Pops

Trade your midnight snack in for this socially acceptable alternative to spoon-feeding yourself delicious Nutella by the jar. They’re as easy as pie to make, too! Freeze scoops of Nutella into solid balls, stick ’em, and dip them in melted chocolate for the most decadent portable dessert you’ve ever had. Add some crunch by crushing hazelnuts to use as an outer coating. It’s rich, classy, and yummy enough to make you moan.

16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

Churro Pops

Disneyland may be top dog when it comes to churros, but that doesn’t mean you can’t impress your friends with these at your next party. This simple cake recipe is elevated with a cinnamon-sugar coating that is to die for. Warm, nostalgic, and oh so good. Try frying the dough balls for extra crunch. To take it to the next level, pump a dulce de leche filling inside each one.

16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

Bailey’s Cake Pops

Perfect for St. Patty’s Day, these boozy pops are filled with a delicious, decadent dark chocolate Guinness cake and Bailey’s buttercream. Mini pipettes are trimmed down to size, filled with a mini shot of Bailey’s, and popped right into these bad boys before the chocolate coating has dried. It makes for an adorable and whimsical presentation that is mouthwateringly good. If you missed St. Patrick’s Day, try swapping the green frosting for pink and regular Bailey’s for their yummy Red Velvet flavor. Talk about a fun date night!

16 Desserts On A Stick You Have To Try

What’s your favorite dessert on a stick? Share below!

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