5 Quick Week Night Meals that Won’t Disappoint

4.) Cauliflower Rice

Oh the wonders of the frozen food section. Full of enticing ice cream and cookie temptations that are to be enjoyed as needed! But nestled in amongst the treats and desserts is a reliable and delectable necessity. And that necessity is called cauliflower rice. Have you ever tried this new phenomenon? This will soon become a favorite of yours because of the sheer ease and versatility. It takes only a few minutes to defrost and can be paired with anything. Pasta sauce and meatballs, meat sauce and ground beef, buffalo sauce, chicken and blue cheese or ranch or even soy sauce, eggs and chicken. The other great thing is that there are very few calories in this dish of cauliflower rice! Add some protein or make it part of another meal and you will have full bellies and happy palates! This quick week night meal will not disappoint you on any given week night!

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5 Quick Weeknight Meals That Won't Disapoint

5.) Rosemary Steak with Egg Noodles

Start with butter. The beginning of every great recipe. If you have a cast iron skillet, even better. If not no biggie, just use a normal frying pan. This will be super quick! Start with butter in a medium heat skillet. Throw in some rosemary. Once the butter and rosemary are bubbling, add in your steak. Whatever cut you like is best but nothing too thick otherwise it won’t cook fully and your butter will burn! A true tragedy. I know that steak tends to be a little pricey so if you don’t want to do steak, you can really use any protein and it will still be just as delicious. Also, if you don’t eat meat, try this method with tofu to make it a full and quick week night meal. You may have to cube it and add some more spice but it will turn out great! Once your steak is properly searing, throw your egg noodles into boiling water and cook those until they are aldente. Once you strain them immediately add a good amount of butter to stop them from clumping up and set them aside covered to keep the heat in. Watch your steak. Once it is cooked to your liking, plate up your meal, use that butter rosemary mixture to drizzle over the steak and egg buttered noodles and enjoy this amazingly quick and easy week night meal!  There is no way this quick week night meal will disappoint!

5 Quick Weeknight Meals That Won't Disapoint

Even though quick week night meals can be hard to come by, hopefully these 5 quick week night meals will help to keep things delicious! Don’t let the craziness of every day life rob you of all of the joys! Sit down, set your dinner table, use your real china, pull out the fancy napkins, enjoy a warm meal and know that it didn’t break the bank or take super long to make it!

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