Healthy Smoothie Recipes That Will Meet All Of Your Needs

  1. (1 1/2) cups of milk
  2. (1) medium frozen banana
  3. (1) heaping teaspoon of coconut cream concentrate
  4. (1/2) teaspoon of vanilla extract
  5. Dash of cinnamon
  6. (1) teaspoon of virgin coconut oil

How does that sound? Awesome right? Next, you will just need to add the contents to the blender and blend on high for about 30 seconds or until everything is well blended together. During this process, you will want to slowly drizzle the virgin coconut oil into the smoothie.

Have you had taste-gasm yet?

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Healthy Smoothie Recipes That Will Meet All Of Your Needs

5. Almond Oat Strawberry Banana Smoothie

This smoothie is specifically a breakfast smoothie brought to you by Christie Daruwalla. It will have you off to a good start, ready to tackle any obstacles coming your way. Enough  fluff! Are you ready for the recipe?

Well here goes:

  1. (1/2) cup of gluten free old-fashioned oats
  2. 8 ounces of fresh strawberries (preferably frozen)
  3. (1) large banana
  4. (1/4) cup of almond flour
  5. (1 1/2) cups of unsweetened almond milk
  6. (1) cup of ice (preference, excluded from the author’s recipe)

The almond flour was a different addition to this smoothie. It was using as a thickening agent while also making the smoothie gluten free. Great choice. This makes the smoothie a perfect option for people of varying dietary restrictions.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes That Will Meet All Of Your Needs

6. Tropical Paradise Smoothie

Bet you weren’t expecting another one! This is one of the best healthy smoothie recipes for my vegan readers or maybe you just need a smooth transition to tofu. Either way, allow me to blast you away with this smoothie brought to you by Danielle Harlan. These are the ingredients:

  1. (1/2) cup tofu
  2. (1) cup orange juice
  3. (3/4) cup kale
  4. (1) banana
  5. (1) cup pineapple

This could be fun to try, mainly because I’ve never has a smoothie with tofu. It can go two ways, 1. the best experience I’ve ever had with tofu or 2. something I will never try again, for future reference. The kale also seems like a great touch, pineapple is the best addition by far!

Healthy Smoothie Recipes That Will Meet All Of Your Needs

Well, by now you’ve discovered that I am utterly in love with pineapples. Let’s get started on those smoothies because these healthy smoothie recipes are such a catch. Who’s to say you don’t have any healthy smoothie recipes just lying around waiting to be shared? Why not post them below ad maybe you can find your healthy smoothie recipe twin.

Best case scenario, you find a new ingredient to add to your smoothie routine. Worst case scenario, you find out your recipe is not the best healthy smoothie recipe.

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