How To Build A Close Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Building a close relationship with your boyfriend is necessary for a healthy and happy relationship. Sometimes, expressing your emotions can be difficult. How do you show someone just how much you love and care for them? It can be hard to find a balance between showing you love and being completely overly clingy. Looking for ways to become closer and more affectionate? Here are some of the best ways to grow an intimate relationship with your boo.


Honesty is the number one rule in all relationships. I didn’t put this at the top of the list for no reason. If a relationship doesn’t have trust, it has nothing at all. Be open with each other. You can’t let someone into your heart if you don’t trust them, it’s just not healthy. You can’t sacrifice your mental health. If someone can’t be trusted, it’s probably best to let them go before worrying gets the best of you. We understand every relationship goes through its issues, but when trust is broken, well, it’s extremely hard to fix. So, just be honest. If you feel like you’re in a situation your boyfriend wouldn’t like you need to be honest with him about what you’re doing. You need to be honest with him about who you’re with or where you’re going. Even if he doesn’t like it, you will gain the respect from him for telling the truth. Nobody wants to be caught in a lie, that’s just embarrassing.

How To Build A Close Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Daily Devotion

Every boyfriend wants to feel loved. Loved on a consistent level, not just when you feel you have the time to spare for him. If you’re not devoted to the relationship, why are you in it? You should take time out of your day every single day to make sure you’re supporting your man. Don’t leave those texts on read, don’t cancel a date due to too much stress. You need quality time together for your relationship to grow. A relationship needs consistent contact. Whether it’s long distance and you need to schedule FaceTime dates, or you live in the same town and simply need to clear more time in your schedule to see each other. I’m not saying to revolve every move you make around your boyfriend, but you need to clear up time each day to send him your love.

How To Build A Close Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Be Silly Together

Being silly is so important and so fun. To be silly with your boyfriend, you’re able to completely be yourself. The best nights spent together are the ones when you just can’t stop laughing. You learn so much about someone by how they act around you. Is he a crack-jokes type of silly or a wrestle you and throw you over his shoulder type of silly? Does he make funny faces at you or tickle you ’till you can’t breathe? If he can make you laugh until you cry, he’s a keeper.

How To Build A Close Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Love Yourself First

You can’t love anyone else until you love yourself first. You need to accept the fact that you’re not perfect (nobody is) before you share your heart with someone else. If you don’t know how great you are and how much you have to offer, you can’t expect to find someone worthy of what you deserve. You need to know how beautiful and amazing you are before you have someone there to tell you. Confidence is key, and if you can’t feel confident in yourself, how can your relationship grow?

How To Build A Close Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Make More Memories

A problem with today’s world is that so many relationships just lay in bed on their phones or watching Netflix. They don’t get out and build real memories together. To have a close relationship with your man, you need to get out and experience the world together. Go on a hike, out to dinner, to the gym, really anywhere to get out of the house. By sharing these experiences you learn so much more about one another, besides just what their favorite TV series is. You’ll look back and remember these times and be so grateful for everything you two have done together.

How To Build A Close Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Respect Each Other

R-e-s-p-e-c-t. You need to respect your boyfriend as if he was someone you just met. No matter how long you’ve been dating, you need to keep respect a priority in the relationship. Respect the way he feels about certain situations, respect his family, his property, and most importantly respect his feelings. Even if you don’t agree with something, if you love him you’ll respect him for who he is.

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