How To Build A Close Relationship With Your Boyfriend

How To Build A Close Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Make a Bucket List

Making a bucket list together is a great idea to build your relationship. Make a bucket list, however long or short you please, and fill it up with places to go, foods to try, road trips to go on, workouts to do or concerts to go to. Not only will this help you build memories, but it will add some excitement into the relationship and give you events to look forward to. A twist you can put on the bucket list is a goals list. Write down the goals you have for the relationship and check them off as you go. Some of these goals can include meet each other’s families, go on vacation together or get a massage together. A goal list is a more general version of a bucket list.

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How To Build A Close Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Make Sacrifices

In a relationship, you’ll learn what it means to sacrifice something. You need to show your boyfriend how much he means to you and keep him at the top of your list. Say he invited you to a family party on the same day as a party all of your friends are having, but you haven’t gotten the time to know his relatives. Even if you were looking forward to partying the night away with your BFFs, you should sit this one out and spend the time with him and his family. It will mean the world to him, and next time he’s in that situation he’s sure to choose you.

How To Build A Close Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Give Each Other Space

Even though you want to spend 24/7 with your boo, you shouldn’t. You need to each have your own lives on top of your time together. Don’t cancel on your friends every day because you can’t be away from him. Don’t call out of work or skip class so you can spend a few extra hours being with him. You need to focus on you and live your life, but of course add him into it. Being together without any space will only lead to fights and frustrations. Nobody can spend that much time together and be perfectly healthy, so take some time for yourself, for your girlfriends, and to grind out some good grades!

How To Build A Close Relationship With Your Boyfriend


Couples need to communicate with each other. Communication is key to a healthy relationship. If you’re feeling upset with something, express it to him. If you’re so happy and love something he did, tell him. If you’re completely mad and about to lose it, tell him. He can’t read your mind no matter how much you wish he could. He can’t tell what you’re thinking by the way you look at him, guys don’t notice those things. Use your words. It will save you so much stress if you just tell him straight up how you’re feeling!

How To Build A Close Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Keep these in mind everyday. Relationships can’t be built over night! Take steps each day towards working on a happy and healthy relationship. Let us know below your thoughts!

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