How To Have Fun At A Sports Game If You Are Not A Sports Fan

Represent the home team

If you want to make it seem like you belong at the game, the best way is to show your support for the team that is playing. If you are not a die-hard sports fan, you might not go out of your way to spend money on team mercy. Ask your friends if they have a spare jersey or cap that you can wear to the game. Even if it’s not the right size, it’ll only be for the day. However, if you do feel like wearing your own swag, feel free to head to the merch stand. This way you’ll have a souvenir of the day you spent at a sports game. If you don’t end up becoming a fan, you can always just wear it casually to show hometown or school spirit.

How To Have Fun At A Sports Game If You Are Not A Sports Fan

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Dress up

An alternative to wearing the team’s merch is to dress according to the themes. It is typical for college sports games to be themed although sometimes professional games will have a theme for the crowd. Themes vary from a white-out (wear all white) to a black-out (wear all black) or dressing all in neon. These themed games give you the chance to be more creative with what you wear, plus you can always get great pictures with your friends.

Wait until halftime

If you are still struggling to get into the game despite being there for what feels like forever, you will at least have halftime to look forward to. For football and basketball games, there is typically a halftime show where the cheerleaders or dance team perform for the crowd. These are always fun to watch and gives you a chance to take a break from the game you were only kind of paying attention to.

Take it all in

If you are not a sports fan, it’s okay to have your reasons. If you do find yourself at a sports game sometime, just do your best to make the most of the experience. No matter what sport it is, each team generally comes with a sense a history, tradition, and it’s own type of camaraderie that fans love. You might feel it once you walk in the arena for the first time or when the game actually starts and the crowd roars. Even if you are not completely convinced by the time the game’s over, at least you can say you tried something outside of your comfort zone.

How To Have Fun At A Sports Game If You Are Not A Sports Fan

Have you been to a sports game if you’re not a sports fan? What are some ways you have made it fun? Let us know in the comments!

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