How To Make Hair Scrunchies That Are Cute AF

How To Make Hair Scrunchies That Are Cute AF

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7. Pom-Pom Scrunchie:

If you are looking for a fun scrunchie style that was meant for parties and fun weekend outings then go for a pom-pom embellished hair scrunchie. Chooses small pom-poms to make sure you can get the most embellishments on the scrunchie without completely covering it. Also, these can be sewn on, but also hot glued onto the scrunchie depending on the fabric. So, if you don’t sew at all but still want to dress up a scrunchie, this could definitely be the craft for you.

8. Silk Scrunchie:

For a hair scrunchies that is just as soft, Instagram worthy, and effortlessly stylish as a velvet scrunchie, look no further than a silk scrunchie. The silky fabric is, of course, divine and feels amazing in your hair since the soft fabric doesn’t grip too tight or cause any snags. This scrunchie can even accessorize a business causal outfit by using it to put your hair in a half up-do, but it also will add a little flair of glam to your high ponytail when paired with your oversized fluffy sweater and leggings.

How To Make Hair Scrunchies That Are Cute AF

9. Large Fluffy Scrunchie:

What could be better to accessorize your hair than a fur scrunchie? Maybe one of these other scrunchies, but not much else. This scrunchie can also be worn on the wrist when you feel like having your hair down for a picture or just want to let your hair loose for a while. All other scrunchies can be worn on the wrist too, of course, but this scrunchie looks like it could’ve also been made for that purpose. It’s like getting two accessories in one; a hair tie and a bracelet. Plus, the look of awe from people when you tell them you made it will feel just as amazing as the fabric.

How To Make Hair Scrunchies That Are Cute AF

I hope this list of cute AF hair scrunchies gave you some major crafting inspiration! Which DIY hair scrunchie are you dying to try out? Let us know in the comments below!
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