10 Amazon Products for Your Kitchen

The best part about growing up is finding a new appreciation for household products. It makes us a little sad to realize we’re more excited about a new dish rack instead of a toy of some kind, but let’s enjoy this aging milestone! If you need to update your kitchen to match all your *adult* goals, then you need to look at these Amazon products for your kitchen!

1. Pan organizer

The worst part about putting away the dishes is finding room to stack everything. Most of the time, the dishes come crashing out of the cabinet, or they don’t stack well on top of each other, especially if you have a mismatched set of pots and pans. Do yourself a favor and order this inexpensive Amazon product to help you stay organized. You can stack more than two or three pans together, your dishes will be easier to put away, and you’ll be surprised at how much cabinet space this opens up for you.

10 Amazon Products for Your Kitchen

2. French press coffee maker

If you love coffee and you’ve been spending all your money on k-cups and drive thrus, then you need to update your kitchen and your tastes! A French press is a wonderful device because you can enjoy the tastiest cup of hot coffee you will ever have for very little effort and money. Get a nice blend from the grocery store and have it ground on a coarse setting. Then, you put the grounds in this beautiful stainless steel press with boiling water for five minutes, press down the grounds, and pour! A French press makes for a better cup of coffee because it brews by sitting in the hot water rather than hot water streaming through it. All the essential oils and aromas from the coffee pour into your cup rather than getting trapped in the coffee filter. Amazon has tons of other French presses to choose from, but I recommend this delightful model to upgrade your kitchen.

10 Amazon Products for Your Kitchen

3. Knife set

Have you been using a hodge-podge set of knives since college? Or the knife set your parents gave to you when they upgraded? Well guess what, it’s time for you to upgrade your kitchen with a better knife set. Take a look at this Farberware stainless steel set from Amazon. This is one of the best knife block Amazon products because it looks sleek, functions well, and it’s affordable. Maybe meal prepping wouldn’t be so hard if you had a knife set like this to make it easier?

10 Amazon Products for Your Kitchen

4. Smoothie blender

Part of being an adult and upgrading your kitchen means ditching unhealthy and processed breakfast options and skipping the drive thru. Improve your health and kitchen by ordering this Oster blender! I have a pink one myself, and it has served me well for three years now. Throw in some frozen fruit, your dairy product of choice, and blend it up. Once it’s done, you can switch out the blender cap for a drinking top and take the cup on the go! A blender and portable smoothie cup all in one? You definitely need this. It’s easy to clean, affordable, and one of the best Amazon products for your kitchen.

10 Amazon Products for Your Kitchen

5. Wooden utensil set

Your cheap plastic spoons and spatulas need to retire. Those poor utensils have probably survived your dorm room days, and you need to upgrade. Make your kitchen beautiful and sophisticated with these natural teak wood utensils. They’re made of hard and sturdy wood, so they will last for quite awhile and food won’t stick to them as easily. It’s best to hand wash wooden utensils, but the experience of cooking with them and having them on display next to the stove will make that little bit of extra work well worth it.

10 Amazon Products for Your Kitchen

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