Cute Lipstick Trends You Need To Try

Lipstick is one of those things that is so amazingly fun to wear but also incredible intimidating to put on. Trust me, I would know. It can be hard to stand out more than usual, especially if you aren’t used to slapping on that bold but amazing color lipstick. If you are looking for some bold and trendy lipstick trends to try out this season, here are some great suggestions you should definitely check out!

Nude Lips

While this lipstick trend might seem quite simple, nude lips will never fail to go with any makeup look you put on ever. While you might think nude lips are actually lips that go completely nude, such as nothing on them at all, there are plenty of shades that quality as nude, and trust me, they are definitely the way to go this season when it comes to lipstick trends. Nude lips are great for any occasion, especially if you are looking to let loose and have your mouth eat or drink whatever you want them to. Regardless whether or not you eat or not, nude lips will make it so your lips look great whether or not your lipstick is in tact or not. If your lipstick isn’t exactly in tact, then your lips will have that beautiful ombre affect that is all the rage in several different countries, including America.

If you happen to throw gloss over this lipstick color, then that is even better! Every gloss you can possibly think of will go over a nude lip, regardless of the kind of eye or face makeup you  have on. Try a nude lips this season with your makeup and you won’t be disappointed!

Cute Lipstick Trends You Need To Try

Metallic Lipstick

Metallics have truly made a comeback this year. Lipstick trends vary throughout the year, but this one truly has made its way back to the top. Metallics are shiny, vibrant, and hard to ignore. If you happen to pick up a metallic lipstick this season, then worry not about the fact of being out of style. Metallic lipsticks come in a variety of different colors, so if you are worried about having a shiny lipstick clash with your outfit, then fret not. Regardless of whether or not you pick the “wrong” color, there is bound to be a situation and event to wear a metallic lip to.

Cute Lipstick Trends You Need To Try

Matte Lips

While shiny, glossy lips are amazingly beautiful, fancy and matte lips are just as amazingly pretty. If you do not know what a “matte lip,” it is a type of lipstick that leaves a a velvety finish that stops people in their tracks instantly, especially if you have a sparkly eye look or decided to go extra with your highlighter that day. Matte lipsticks are definitely the way to go if you have decided to keep things easy but classy with your lipstick today. But don’t worry! “Easy” isn’t a bad word. “Easy” just means that you wanted to ensure you didn’t have to put too much effort or thought into the type of lipstick you wanted to wear that day but still wanted to make sure you look glamorously amazing without looking as if you put any effort into your makeup look at all. 

Cute Lipstick Trends You Need To Try

Mauve Lipstick

This is the type of lipstick trend that will give your face the “my lips but better look.” As long as you find a lipstick that basically matches your own lips but gives it a slightly more vibrant shine, then you have yourself a mauve lipstick. Basically, mauve lipsticks are nudes but with a lot more shine and plump, as well as helps your lips by adding a little more dimension.

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